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Summer Program Teachers

EXTRAS Summer Program runs for 7 or 8 weeks in the summer depending on the Salisbury Central School Calendar. We are looking for staff members who  are at least 18 years old, have experience in childcare, and are able to work in a beach environment (on your feet and keeping up with children 5-12 years old) daily.  If you are interested please send a letter of interest and resume to extrasprogram@gmail.com.



Substitute Teacher

EXTRAS is always looking for individuals who could fill in for regular staff for our morning program (school days from 7:15- 8:30), afternoon program (school days from 3pm-5:45pm), no school days (8am-5:45pm), and summer program days (8am-5:30pm). If you are interested in being a substitute please contact the EXTRAS Program Director at extrasprogram@gmail. com for more information.