The primary purpose of EXTRAS is to provide a safe, stimulating, nurturing and educational environment for young people. EXTRAS strives to ensure an atmosphere where children are encouraged to pursue healthy and wholesome activities within structured guidelines. Utilizing community resources whenever available, EXTRAS seeks to enrich and enhance the lives of our children. All services are provided with the utmost attention to ethical principles and practices. 

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EXTRAS is looking for Summer Teachers!!

                Click image for direct link to Giving Bean

               Click image for direct link to Giving Bean

  • EXTRAS will be running a morning program at Salisbury Central School this year from 7:20am-8:20am. Please use our 2017-2018 school year registration packet to apply.




EXTRAS is a state-licensed program housed at Salisbury Central School, 45 Lincoln City Road, Lakeville, Connecticut 06039

The program is open through-out the school year, during the summer months and on school holidays.